Earth Day Project

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How I spent 3 hours on a chilly April day – volunteer gardening at Earth Day project organized at work: habitat remediation at Madrona Woods. In this town that means hand-planting native plants in mucky soil on steep, spring-fed slopes. What fun! My boots are on the right, a co-worker’s trail shoes on the left.Image


Earth Day Advice

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I posted on Facebook April 20:

Make Earth Day April 22 the day you add an activity to the things you do to be green – recycle everything that is recycleable in your area, carpool with someone and reduce the C02 of a car trip, put those “vampire” phone chargers on a power strip and turn off the power strip when not actively charging a phone to save electricity. Every action makes a difference to the planet.

Thunderation! It starts

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This is my first blog post.  It is probably very much like other people’s first blog post.

Thunder and lightning is happening where I live.  Summer is ending.

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