In 2011, I attended a seminar by Steve Rubel on social networking.  Here are my notes.

  1. Learn about Attentionomics – realize the value of attention, not just the number of friends.
  2. Be a digital curator – separate the “good stuff” from the junk.  In a business, curation needs to be collaborative and social.
  3. Develop engagement – make information about user needs accessible to those who develop apps and content.
  4. Use transmedia storytelling – “People crave stories.”  Stories need to be more visual; the classic beginning-middle-end is no longer the best model for a corporate story.  Equip employees or users to tell their own stories.
  5. Engage thought leadership – in a business setting, use the right people to engage in the social media space.  Educate them and fan them out in media areas.
  6. Integration – in business, social media needs to be everyone’s job.  Learn how to be a social media-engaged business or organization. Build a social media command center. Integrate and share intelligence.
  7. Ubiquitous social computing – social media is going to be everywhere.
  8. Content is no longer going to be consumed the way you “designed” it.  For example, what does your website look like on a smartphone.  Do your social media channels link to each other?
  9. Blend local, social, photo, mobile, tablet.
  10. Deal with social media overload – people begin to choose only certain channels because they are overwhelmed by too many choices.
  11. Make social participation effortless.  An example: Google will (or as of this writing already has) engineered their way to index Facebook and other social media content.  To leverage this, you need to change your headline to what you think people are searching for.
  12. Make your website more elegant and integrated with social media.
  13. ROI = Reach (how many)+Engage (how long)+Sentiment (what do users say to others about you)+Participation (do they sign up)